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Pocatello Teeth Whitening Appointment

The Initial Visit

First timer? The Initial Teeth Whitening Visit is for you. At this visit our Smile Hy Teeth Whitening specialist will determine if you are a good whitening candidate, what your current tooth shade is and what results we should expect to see.


You will then experience three to four 20 minute sessions to dramatically enhance your smile. Lay back in our massage chair as our whitening solution and LED light do the work abolishing those hard to remove stains! 

Touch-Up Whitening

After receiving your initial teeth whitening treatment, you may return for a touch-up whitening visit. This is a 60-90 minute whitening session to maintain whitening results and improve your smile! 

The Smile Hy Club

The Smile Hy Club is what we recommend for all our patients to maintain the perfect white smile no matter what your diet is! This membership is perfect for smokers, or anyone who drinks coffee, tea, red wine, or soda daily.

The Smile Hy Club is $40/month and includes one full whitening appointment each month and 25% off all of our products. You can sign up for The Smile Hy Club within 3 months of your initial teeth whitening appointment. Say hello to that perfect white smile you have always yearned for! 

Stick It Pretty

The Smile Hy space now offers Botox through Casey and Whitney with Stick it Pretty. These sisters are RN Certified Botox Injectors that offer cosmetic and therapeutic botox to reduce wrinkles and prevent them from forming. As Registered Nurses, they have the knowledge and patient experience for you to feel confident and excited about this procedure. 

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